Conducting a “locate” is much like it sounds- the investigator is hired to locate a person.

There are a number of reasons why someone doesn’t remain at the same address for their entire life; locates are conducted for attorneys requiring contact for legal purposes, or by citizens that are seeking to reconnect for personal reasons.

Locates are not conducted on people trying to avoid creditors or litigation. People actively “hiding” from financial or legal obligations are termed “skips” and a process called “skip-tracing” is utilized for discovering their whereabouts.


When locates are conducted for legal purposes, the investigator is hired to find a person for the benefit of a legal proceeding: the person may be a witness to an event or to somebody’s character, they may have been at the scene of an accident, or they may be able to explain details pertinent to a case.

Locates for people simply wanting or needing to reconnect are conducted a bit differently, but the investigator will discuss the policies during the initial consultation.