With the advent of Google, people assume they can pull up everything they need by plugging a person’s name into the search engine. Despite the fact that Google is the most-used search engine, it is not the only search engine. Nor does it quite read minds and know exactly who or what a person is seeking.

In the same vein, Facebook is not the only place a person may be located. If the person happens to have a very common name, would you know how to go about selecting the Chris Jones you were looking for? What if they didn’t have a photograph of their face, but instead had a photo of a sunset?

Investigators have a host of internet ‘tricks’ to locate the internet presence of a person; forums for common hobbies and interests, social profiles created to maintain contact with friends and family, work-related postings to interact with co-workers in distant locales, and so on. It is not a guarantee to locate every profile, but investigators are continually educating themselves as to stay at least one step ahead of the game.

Unlike television, there is no magic database that provides every single place a person has been on the internet!

Cyber Profiles